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Daily Archives: December 21, 2015

Best breakfast places in Istanbul

Whether you are in Istanbul for business or pleasure, one of the highlights of your stay in this beautiful city is actually waking up in Istanbul, the beautiful sunrise and the cool air will fill you with energy and optimism for a brighter day. But don’t just go about your day yet, not until you taste some of Istanbul’s breakfast from the best restaurants around you.

Turkish breakfast is an experience you don’t want to miss, it is both a meal and event and an ultimate way to start your day. The aroma from marinated olives, homemade jams, fried eggs with sausage, bee honey, freshest tomatoes and more will make your salivating for more.

We have made a list of some of the best places you can enjoy a good breakfast in Istanbul.


Sütis Emrigan

Situated on the banks of the Bosphorus (where two continents meet) in Emrigan district beside the museum of the foundation Sakip Sabanci, Sütis Emrigan is the best place you can have your ultimate breakfast experience in Istanbul. It offers both great foods and beautiful scenery. There are polite waiters ready to take your order and deliver it within minutes. Don’t worry about the crowd; you can still get your order immediately. Having breakfast in Sütis Emrigan is wonderful way to start your day.


Kale Café, Rumeli Hisari

Having your breakfast in Kale can simply be described as “wake up in Asia, eat breakfast in Europe”. The sole aim of this restaurant is to serve you with a well-prepared breakfast. It is known as the specialist in breakfast. Kale otherwise known as Kahvaltici is situated on the Bosphorus between the 2 bridges on the European side where the two continents meet. Not only does Kale offer you the experience of eating awesome breakfast in different continent, you also get to see beautiful scenery. Don’t leave this place until you tried their “Serpme Kahavaltisi” to get a little mix of their entire specialties. When you are done with your breakfast, enjoy a fulfilling walk on the Bosphorus and also visit the fortress of Rumeri Hisari, you will never forget this experience.


Mangerie Bebek

Mangerie Bebek is another place where you can have a wonderful breakfast experience in Istanbul, it is a nice little restaurant situated in the Bebek neighborhood that is overlooking the sea. Mangerie Bebek is Turkish celebrities’ point-of-call for breakfast. If you are looking to meet some celebrities or just to eat in a quiet atmosphere, then Mangerie Bebek is the place to go. They have incredible rich menu, with lots of assorted local specialties and international foods. Don’t forget to take a good brunch with detox juices and various types of teas.



You can’t start your day until you have had a decent cup of coffee or at least cup of tea. However finding that perfect cup of coffee in Istanbul is a bit harder. Probably everyone can do coffee but not everyone can do it as perfect as Mandabatmaz does it. Mandabatmaz offers the best coffee in Istanbul to kick-start your day. The coffee made by Mandabatmaz is custom packaged and roasted for them. Mandabatmaz doesn’t offer foods but they know how to give you a treat with a wonderful cup of coffee or tea.



Van Kahvalti Evi – Cihangir

If you are looking for a Turkish breakfast prepared to perfection, then we will recommend you visit Van Kahvalti Evi – Cihangir. Their special breakfast is made of egg, tomato, onion, green pepper and spices and then carefully prepared by experienced chefs. This breakfast will make you salivating for more when you compliment it with delicious variety of breads made by them. You are guaranteed satisfaction the moment you step in to this restaurant.


Four Seasons, Bosphorus, Besiktas

Four season breakfast is worthy of being called the “Last-meal”. The restaurant stands in the wide expanse of land overlooking the glinting on the Bosphorus. There is army of waiters ready to take your order the moment you step in. Not only does Four Season provides you with tasty breakfast, morning specialties but you will also get to see the beautiful scenery of Bosphorus



Situated far north of Istanbul in the rich neighborhood of Yenikoy; Emek have an exceptional location, it is situated in the banks of Bosphorus. There are exceptional breakfast specialties you will get to eat here. Oh, and don’t miss the Menemen. As you pass through this place, you will be graced with beautiful villas built on the Bosphorus – known as Yalis; a beautiful sight to behold.